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Brilla Wayuu Mochila Handmade Purse (Medium)
Brilla Wayuu Mochila Handmade Purse (Medium)
Brilla Wayuu Mochila Handmade Purse (Medium)
Brilla Wayuu Mochila Handmade Purse (Medium)
Brilla Wayuu Mochila Handmade Purse (Medium)

Brilla Wayuu Mochila Handmade Purse (Medium)

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  • Mochila purse made by artisans of the Wayuu Indigenous Group in Colombia
  • Purchased directly from Artisan, on a Fair Trade Basis
  • Fully Handmade
  • For each Wayuu Mochila Bag purchased, Hands of Colombia donates thread to Indigenous Artisans.
  • Only ONE available

Add a touch of indigenous craftsmanship to your style with our Brilla Wayuu Mochila Handmade Purse. Each purse is meticulously handmade by skilled artisans from the Wayuu Indigenous Group in Colombia. Hands of Colombia purchases each item in our Wayuu Collection directly from the artisan.

SIZE - Size - Medium - 9" deep, 20" circumference

Creating woven patterns is an integral part of the Wayuu tradition, passed down from generation to generation. Artisans spend anywhere between 10 to 14 days to create each mochila purse, pouring their skills and creativity into every stitch. These purses are not just accessories; they are pieces of art, embodying the Wayuu legends and showcasing the natural beauty of Colombia's La Guajira region.

Weaving is part of each Wayuu Family’s tradition. During a special period called "The Enclosure," mothers and grandmothers spend up to two years with their children, sharing family stories and teaching them the tribe's legends. This time also includes passing down the intricate skill of creating woven patterns, which are quintessential to the Wayuu culture.

When you purchase a Wayuu Mochila Bag from us, you are not only adding a unique fashion statement to your collection but also making a positive impact. For every bag sold, Hands of Colombia donates thread to Indigenous Artisans, ensuring the continuation of this beautiful craft.

Fair Trade Statement - Each Wayuu Mochila Bag was purchased directly from the artisans by Hands of Colombia at above-market prices. We believe in supporting the artisans and their families by paying the same hands that made our products, and never engage with middle-men or distributors.

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