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Hands of Colombia's Thread Giving Program

When Hands of Colombia began, our mission was to connect our customers to talented artisans in Colombia.  

Hands of Colombia's Thread Giving Program

We've traveled to far corners of Colombia in search of the most skilled artisans.  Now that we've identified specific Wayuu Indigenous Communities that we're working with, our goal has grownWe don't want to just connect customers with talented artisans, but we want to give our customers the Power to Empower Indigenous Artisans. 

That's why Hands of Colombia started our Thread Giving Program.  

Gifts that Give: Hands of Colombia's Thread Giving Program

For every item sold, Hands of Colombia donates thread to indigenous artisans living in the isolated Guajira Desert.  


Gifts that Give Back: Hands of Colombia Donates Thread with Every Item Purchased


Our Way of Saying "Thank You" 

Since weaving is one of the Wayuu's main sources of income, it's important to always have thread.  Without thread, there is no way to weave, and no way to provide for their families.  

Ordinarily when a Wayuu artisan runs out of string, she would have to take a half-day motorcycle taxi to a nearby urban center and buy small amounts of string at elevated prices.  Regardless of the time that she finished her thread shopping, she would have to wait for the day to cool - you don't want to be crossing the desert on a motorcycle in the afternoon sun.  

Hands of Colombia wants to save Wayuu artisans that trek across the desert.  With our thread giving program, we're able to surprise artisans with dozens of skeins of thread.  It's our way of saying, "Thank you." 

Donations made for every item purchased 

Each item purchased has an impact, and there's no limit on how much we'll be giving.  The current record for a purchase is 42 skeins of thread donated!   


Gifts that Give Back: Hands of Colombia Donates Thread with Every Item Purchased

When will the thread be donated?

Our next thread donation will be taking place sometime in/before July, 2020.  If you purchased from Hands of Colombia between December 2019 and July 2020, the thread from your purchase will be donated during that trip. 

EDIT: Our donation trip will take place once travel restrictions due to COVID19 in Colombia return to normal.

Will I be notified?

Yes, of course!  We're so happy to share this awesome opportunity to connect our customers with the Wayuu Community.  We'll have lots to share, and we'll definitely be writing our customers once the next Thread Donation takes place.

How can I get involved?

For every item purchase, Hands of Colombia will donate thread.  Find something you love, and make the Wayuu Community part of your collection!

Interested?  Join our Tribe!

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