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How is Hands of Colombia different?

In a world of mass production and planned obsolescence, Hands of Colombia is here for those of us who want to slow down.  

We know that good things come to those who wait.  That's why we work with artisans who spend up to 14 days making a single product.  We want our customers to love our products, to know they are part of a Wayuu Tradition, but most importantly to offer a high-quality product.

Hands of Colombia works directly with artisans and never middle-men or distributors

While our competitors obtain Wayuu products through distributors and middle-men, that's just not for us.  Sure, it would be easier, but how can we know this is fair? 
Instead of taking the easy route, Hands of Colombia travels to the distant corners of Colombia in search of the most talented indigenous artisans.  
We don't call a distributor when we need new inventory.  Instead, we travel directly to the communities with whom we work. 
In the case of the Wayuu, this means taking a flight, then hiring a 4x4 transportation service to take is through the Guajira Desert safely to our artisans' communities.  
Sure, it'd be a lot easier to order our products from distributors, but we prefer the satisfaction of knowing we've done absolutely everything to ensure our customers receive a fairly traded and ethically produced product.

Hands of Colombia is based in the USA; all items ship from the USA

We love it when artisans take their time with handmade items.  But when it comes to getting those items to our customers, we want that to be faster than lightening.  
By having our warehouse in the USA, we're able to ensure faster and more affordable shipping than our competitors.

Hands of Colombia gives back to the Wayuu with every item purchased  

Through our Thread Giving Program, we're able to let our customers' purchase empower artisans.  We don't just donate for every purchase, but for every item purchased we donate thread to Wayuu Artisans.  
Without the talent of the Wayuu artisans, we wouldn't exist.  Giving an artisan thread is our way of saying "Thank you."

Hands of Colombia respects the Wayuu's Traditions and Ways of Living

Creating and knitting is the Wayuu's way of artistic expression and cultural preservation.  Simply put, it is the Wayuu cultural identity. 
Before knitting a bag, a Wayuu artisan will sketch out her design, taking inspiration from both the natural world and her own story, emotions and family.  
Honoring this tradition, we are opposed to telling artisans what designs to make, what colors to use, and how many bags to make. 

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