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Giving Tuesday 2020

When Hands of Colombia was founded, our initial mission was to make the market fairer for Wayuu Artisans.  We saw an opportunity, and an adventure: instead of purchasing our products through distributors and middle men, let's travel to the Wayuu Reservations and purchase directly from the artisans.  

Bags for sale at a Wayuu Reservation

Now, some years later, our trips to Wayuu Reservations are quite different - the artisans greet us with enthusiasm instead of skepticism, artisans call us by name rather than just "the other".  It's a truly remarkable experience.  

While we were working to build these relationships with indigenous artisans, we asked, "Where do you get the thread to make your products?" 

Their answer was shocking. 

For a Wayuu artisan to get thread, they would have to take a motorcycle taxi through the Guajira Desert to the nearest urban center.  Each artisan would purchase thread in small quantities, which resulted in extremely high costs.  

A Wayuu man treks through the Guajira Desert on a bicycle.

Knowing that many Wayuu families live hand-to-mouth, we saw this as an opportunity to show our commitment and our customers' commitment to sustaining indigenous traditions - donations of thread for every item purchased: The Hands of Colombia Thread Giving Program.

Not only would this help our artisans increase their profit margins and put more food on their tables, but this would also save them the trouble of trekking through the desert for several hours.  Not only is that journey on a motorcycle uncomfortable, it is also unsafe.  

To date, we've accumulated more than 130 skeins of thread to donate to Wayuu Artisans.  And although travel restrictions as a result of COVID19 have delayed our 2020 trip, our commitment remains strong.  

That's why this Giving Tuesday, we're adding 10 skeins of thread to every purchase.  Ordinarily, when you purchase a bag, we donate five skeins of thread.  However, now through Tuesday, we'll add 10 more skeins of thread to that donation.  And not just for bags - for every item purchased.  

Not only do you have a chance to make more impact between now and Tuesday, but we're also giving our customers a little something extra.  For each purchase of $25 or more, we'll add a FREE tote bag featuring a Colombian Indigenous Design and FREE US Shipping.  International customers receive discounted shipping and a FREE tote bag!  

The best gifts are gifts that give back.  Now through Tuesday, your impact is so much greater.  Browse our collections here

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