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Amanece Wayuu Handmade Clutch
Amanece Wayuu Handmade Clutch
Amanece Wayuu Handmade Clutch

Amanece Wayuu Handmade Clutch

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This hand-embroidered fair-trade clutch is a unique piece handmade by a talented Wayuu Indigenous Artisan in Colombia's Guajira Desert. It was purchased directly from the artisan by Hands of Colombia on a Fair Trade basis, ensuring a fair and sustainable income for the artisan.

Wayuu artisans use a punch-stitching technique to embroider. Quintessential to the Wayuu Tradition is their centuries-old tradition of creating woven patterns. Each pattern is inspired by Wayuu legends, and the natural beauty of Colombia’s Guajira Desert, where the Wayuu live.

Each clutch is truly one-of-a-kind, and we have only one of this item!

To guarantee the quality of our products, Hands of Colombia collaborates with a family-run Sewing and Alterations shop in Bogotá, Colombia. They make small modifications to the items, enhancing their craftsmanship and durability.

By having this clutch as part of your own collection, you carry a piece of Wayuu culture, heritage, and tradition.

The art of weaving is deeply rooted in Wayuu culture. During a special period called "The Enclosure," mothers and grandmothers spend up to two years with their children, sharing family stories and teaching them the tribe's legends. This time also includes passing down the intricate skill of creating woven patterns, which are quintessential to the Wayuu culture.

Product Details:

  • Size - Length: 10 inches. Height: 6.5 inches. Ideal to use as a small purse, wallet, cosmetic bag, or evening clutch.
  • Strap: 6 inches.
  • Liner and zipper for closure
  • Item number: 726

Fair Trade Statement - Each item in our Wayuu Collection was purchased directly from the maker by Hands of Colombia at above-market prices on a fair-trade basis. We pay only directly into the hands of the artisans who make the products we offer our customers. By refusing to purchase from middle-men or distributors, we’re helping empower indigenous artisans to continue their centuries-long craft.  When you purchase with Hands of Colombia, you are supporting artisans and their families.