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Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers Page

Where do Hands of Colombia products come from?  Whose are the "Hands of Colombia"?  Join us in our web-series Meet the Makers for a chance to know the Story behind the Style.  Meet the Wayuu Artisans whose work we feature, and understand the importance of weaving in the Wayuu Culture.   


Chapter 1: Valeria - Meet the Makers

Valeria, from the Haracho Wayuu Community shares her reasons for weaving, what she does in her free time, and how she spends the money from the products Hands of Colombia purchases from her.  

Chapter 2: Valentina - Meet the Makers

Valentina shares with us her feelings of solidarity and belonging as a Wayuu, her reasons for working with Hands of Colombia as well as her commitment to Wayuu traditions. 

Chapter 3: Carolina - Meet the Makers

Carolina's frankness is something hard not to love.  We sit down with Carolina to better understand her form of cultural preservation, to learn about her family, and to know what inspires the designs she weaves.