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Our Commitment to Fair Trade

Hands of Colombia understands fair trade to indicate an equitable, fair, and mutually beneficial partnership.  We aim to foster positive, long-term, and direct relationships with the artisans and indigenous communities with whom we are so fortunate to work.  

Hands of Colombia's commitment to Fair Trade

Our objective is not to maximize profits, but to share the story of the Wayuu Indigenous Group, to change the negative perception so many have of Colombia, and to give so many talented artisans a better chance. 

In doing so, we operate according to the principles outlined by the Partners for Just Trade

  • To always pay fair wages in a local context
  • Supporting participatory workplaces
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability 
  • Supplying financial and technical support 
  • Respecting cultural identity
  • Offering public accountability and transparency
  • Educating consumers

For us, it's important that the money we use to invest in inventory lands directly in the hands of those who make our products.  

All of our Wayuu Products are purchased directly from the Wayuu Indigenous Artisan or the artisan's family.  Artisans set the prices that they believe is fair for their expertise, their time, and their materials.  We believe that this trusting relationship produces both respect, transparency and teamwork.  

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