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Arbol Wayuu Handmade Clutch
Arbol Wayuu Handmade Clutch
Arbol Wayuu Handmade Clutch
Arbol Wayuu Handmade Clutch

Arbol Wayuu Handmade Clutch

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This hand-embroidered fair-trade clutch is the work of a skilled Wayuu Indigenous Artisan, carrying out her tribe's centuries-long traditional craft.

Each clutch is HandmadeFair Trade and one-of-a-kind. Featuring designs traditional to the Wayuu Culture, inspired by nature and by Wayuu legends.

We have only one of this item!

For each clutch purchased, two skeins of thread will be donated to a Wayuu Artisan through the Hands of Colombia Thread Giving Program.

Item Number - 650

Size - Length: 10 inches. Height: 6.5 inches. Strap: 6 inches.

Fair Trade Information - This item was purchased directly from a Wayuu Artisan as a "flat". Three Wayuu Families provide Hands of Colombia with our Flats.

Hands of Colombia purchases only from artisans directly, and never from middle-men or distributors.  Our purchase prices reflect not only the time and dedication required to make the item, but also the years of practice perfecting a craft and our respect for that experience. On average, our purchase prices are 35% above the market price.

Who are the Wayuu? The Wayuu are an indigenous group living in Colombia and Venezuela. Wayuu women lead their families and communities, and also responsible for passing down their centuries-long tradition of crocheting.